Literacy Project

We woke up early to get to work Wednesday morning. Before breakfast, we put Rotary stickers on 6,000 books we had collected this summer, and 1,800 dictionaries.
Thank you to Wings and Savers for being our partners in supporting literacy right here at home. Thanks Sharon LaComb for organizing our book drive, Mark Bodin for organizing the Dictionary project, District 196 for getting these books to children, and to all our Rotarians for putting in such hard work raising the money for the Dictionary project during our annual car raffle, and doing the work to collect so many children's books.
District 196 Superintendent Jane Berenz will join us for a photo op at the end of our meeting on Wednesday, September 28th.  We thought it would be a good time to have a professional picture taken of our entire club.  So dress appropriately........(knobby knees in the back row!). 
What a huge success! It feels so good to make a difference.
Francois Paradeise, Brandon Liebe, and Tasha Wells
Bruce Nordquist, Tom Lawell, Leslie Ahlers, and Chris Massoglia
Denise surrounded by just some of the books we collected
America's Sweethearts - Scott and Denise Ramsdale