Annual President's Dinner

At the end of June, we headed over to Vivo Kitchen in Apple Valley for some amazing food (seriously love that lasagna) and our annual awards banquet. Here's to a wonderful 2016-2017!

Francois Paradeise and Bruce Nordquist
Clint Hooppaw received special recognition as a District 5950 Gift to the World, for his tireless and often behind the scenes help with all things Apple Valley Rotary, and his involvement in Apple Valley Rotary service projects. And, he is just a stand-up kind of guy. 
Clint Hooppaw, Jari Hamlin, and Eva Cheney-Hatcher
We got to hear from a great speaker, Brigadier General Johanna Clyborne
Brig. Gen. Johanna Clyborne and now-past President Eva Cheney-Hatcher
A big thank you to our 2015-2016 board
Robert Braun, Terry Merritt, Wayne Hilbert, Greg Higgins, Clint Hooppaw, Jessica Fields, Jari Hamlin, Gwen Aaberg, Ed Holmes, Bruce Nordquist, Lance Miller, Ed Corbett, Eva Cheney-Hatcher, and Pat Selchow